Safety, Fun, Adventure, Connection, Happiness, Hospitality, Great Food and Great Experience

Travel Nepal

During the camp, you will explore various parts of Nepal. You will see Himalayas, you will do boating in a beautiful lake and swim in a resort with majestic view of mountains. You will eat “BEST FOOD” because you will be exploring Nepal with youth of Nepal who knows best street food places which you might not find in regular travel. And, beautiful cultural and natural world heritage site tour with amazing people around the world will be an icing on cake

Self Awareness and Self exploration

When you bring more consciousness and awareness to life, your life will magically change. You will be in the journey of self exploration, finding your purpose, strength, ways of transforming weakness to strength through various practical methods, techniques and tool like Dance Movement Therapy, Alternate to Violence.

Inner Peace

“If you are not peaceful, there is nothing worthwhile you can do in your life. To be peaceful means, your system is at ease. You know how to conduct your mind, emotions, body and energy. It is basic thing. You are not messing your mind.”- Sadh Guru
We will do yoga and meditation everyday which will help our mind to experience peace in the tranquil environment.

Fun + Love + Connection + Community

We will help you to fall in love with your life truly, madly, deeply. Fun, Happiness, Joy is integral part of our camp. Let’s make it happen now. Come on, Join us.