About us (Our Story)

About us (Our Story)

Youth Legend is pioneer in Nepal for organizing International youth Camps, (Summer camp/winter camp) bringing young people from different countries around the world.

International Youth Camp Nepal highlights cross cultural exchange, self exploration, leadership development, global friendship and collaboration, youth empowerment and tourism promotion of Nepal. The series of International Youth Camp has been organized since October, 2015. And now, as a trademark event of youth legend, it is organized every August and December as International youth Summer Camp and winter camp. About 100 people have already participated in International Youth Camp till date.

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We dreamed of creating a space where young people from different corners can be together, can travel together and can also learn through our carefully chosen workshops and programs on Sustainable development goals, leadership, entrepreneurship, Self Awareness, Self Exploration, Dance Movement Therapy, Alternate To Violence Program while practicing yoga, pranayam and meditation for better health and peace of mind.

We started our 1st camp on October 2015. This was the year when Nepal had a major earthquake of 7.8 on April 2015. We had only 2 participants in our 1st camp. Just before the camp date, unofficial blockade of India started leading to fuel shortage in Nepal. There was no petrol disel and cooking gas. International flights were cancelled and we had only 2 participants. We did the camp. We stayed in the flat for 1st 2 days and last 2 days of our 12 days camp. We cooked together, eat together traveled together and stayed like a family. We were joined by Nepali participants for our various workshops by experts. That’s how we did out 1st International Youth Summer Camp in Nepal.

We work for young people of Nepal and create various opportunities for them through various programs and competitions, provide free online counseling, share opportunities to them and we go to various colleges to screen documentary on Mental Health and how can they take care of their mind like their body.

We have local youth legend’s club – Club Youth Legend which is supported by youth legend and they organize various programs which is beneficial to the society and they also organize various training’s and capacity development program.

Joining our camp means you are directly helping us to support young people of Nepal. Being a social enterprise, we use maximum percentage of profit for the benefits of young people of Nepal.


We started youth legend with the dreams of creating value in life of young people in Nepal with the slogan – share, Inspire, Appreciate.

Initially, we started as an online magazine for youth of Nepal which is the first online youth magazine of Nepal. Our theme was sharing stories of amazing young people whose stories are not in limelight but they have been living inspiring life. We called them Months Hero. We are so proud and happy meeting all our months’ heroes. Their stories, their determination, the impact they have created inspires everyone.

We started online psychological counseling bringing the professional psychological counselor in our team. We have also created an informative video on Mental Health for you. We started featuring more people, we shared opportunities for young people around the world. We were also collaborating with few organizations and organizing few programs like Workshop on Enterprise Facilitation by Dr.Ernesto Sirolli, Workshop on Entrepreneurship by Christopher Lingle etc.

Visit our local website for more information: www.ylnepal.com


Summer camps are popular all over the world but not in Nepal. We knew that many young people from different corners of the world go to different countries to spend their summer in best way possible.

Then, we thought, why not Nepal? Nepal is beautiful, we are rooftop of the world with Everest, we have Himalayas, Mountains, we are birth place of Gautam Buddha, we have temples, we have jungles, arts, rich history and hospitality.

Every year many people come to Nepal for tourism purpose, to see all these places but Summer/Winter Camp is not just about traveling. We had to make this camp unique beautiful learning experience for everyone.

We also realized that most of those camps are very expensive and not affordable for average young people who dreams of traveling, learning and global friendship.

Then, we designed our camp. (We have been constantly adding new things to our camp every year to make it more amazing every year.)
We blended travel with learning experience. Our main theme is leadership, cultural exchange, Self Awareness and Peace.

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. – Aristotle

We advocate on Self awareness and Inner peace because these are the factors which is very important in everyone’s life for overall well being. When you gain inner peace when you understand self awareness and practice it, magic starts happening in your life. Our session in self awareness can get pretty intense and we have witnessed our participants going through emotional outburst, the joy, tears, pain and healing.

Join us in our camp adventure.