Abdullah Al Tashrif, Bangladesh

Abdullah Al Tashrif, Bangladesh

Nowadays, It’s really tough to trust the programs advertised and propagated online. Moreover, when it comes to foreign camps, it becomes tougher.

I came to know about this camp via online. There were really good details provided about this camp. I wasn’t expecting this camp to be as per the description. Well, it happened exactly the same. The camp wasn’t as per my expectation rather it was beyond.

The organizers were not just hospitable but also too friendly. Whenever we wanted anything they provided that when we went outside for shopping they even made a bargain with the shopkeepers. They made us visit the places which were one of the most famous and safe. Even sometimes we were late as per schedule yet they managed all the events so that they can go smoothly.

I personally was worried about the luggage which we were leaving behind in the hotels/ restaurants for traveling and hiking. But everything was safe and in place. I must praise the organizers because they arranged things in such a way that we don’t get bored with the games that we played while traveling.

They were aware of the global situation that is why they arranged seminars on SDGs and Youth Leadership. In the conclusion, I’d like to suggest that if anyone is interested to attend a camp or events like this in the foreign country then he/she should choose the events under Youth Legend. You will not regret rather you’ll write a review like this too.